Integrated Solutions

Global Market Solution

ESYNC’s Global Market Solution is crafted to meet the high standards and sophisticated preferences of riders in markets such as Europe.

This variant features advanced motor systems designed for efficiency and power, with peak torque delivery and superior thermal performance. The integration of high current handling Controllers ensure seamless performance across diverse conditions.

Downtube-mounted batteries provide long-lasting energy capacity and quick charging times, supported by cutting-edge CAN communication protocols. With an emphasis on reliability, performance, and sustainability, ESYNC’s Global Market Solution is engineered to elevate the e-biking experience for discerning riders, delivering exceptional power, control,
and durability.

Emerging Market Solution

Designed with the unique needs of riders in emerging markets.¬†ESYNC’s Emerging Market Solution offers robust and cost-effective e-bike systems without compromising on quality.

This variant includes high-durability motors optimized for tough operating conditions and consistent performance. The user friendly controllers, featuring UART communication protocols, are tailored for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring ease of use and maintenance.

The integrated batteries provide reliable power with extended life cycles, perfect for daily commuting in diverse environments. With a focus on affordability, durability, and ease of use, ESYNC’s Emerging Market Solution makes e-biking accessible and practical for riders in developing regions, supporting sustainable and efficient urban mobility